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Ordering Trouble Everything OUt of Stock

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  • Ordering Trouble Everything OUt of Stock

    I have the FTC kit in my cart, and am trying to add my other 2 choices...

    Everything I click on says in stock, and shows at least 300 pieces left, but when I say add to cart it says it is out of there an error on the site or is everything really out of stock...? I have tried every single item, and they all do this except the FTC kit.

    Also, we are having problems with school loop wholes getting the PO number, any advice?

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    Problems ordering from Choice

    I have the FTC kit in my cart, but it will not let me add anything else. Every other item that shows availability (most over 300 still) when I click on them, they say out of stock. Is there a problem with the website, or is everything really out?


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      Re: out of stock?

      You need to select one of the radio buttons to the left of the selection you would like before you press the 'Add To Cart' button.