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  • Order messed up

    Team 2168 placed an order and the points deducted from our account don't add up to what was confirmed on our order (items are missing).

    The items are not out of stock. And the credits were
    deducted from our account.

    Our account currently shows only 3 credits remaining.

    The Items we attempted to order which were not included in our confirmation are:
    2x RightSight photoelectric sensor (fc12-57)
    1x Lead screw (fc12-50)
    1x Socket set (fc12-37)

    The items missing from the order would total ( 24 + 5 + 12 = 41 pts)

    Items that were included in the order:
    2x batteries
    2x battery cables
    2x Pneumatic Fitting Kit (fc12-07)

    The items that were included in the order (See below) would total (22
    + 16 + 18 = 56 pts)
    leaving 3 pts (which is what is left in our account balance)

    however the first 3 items above are not included in the order confirmation.
    So if they aren't being sent I would expect there to be 44 points left in our account.

    Could you help resolve this?

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    Re: Order messed up

    Per the rules, please contact AndyMark for questions about specific orders at [email protected].
    Kit of Parts Manager


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      Re: Order messed up

      Got our shipment yesterday. Thanks everyone at AndyMark for helping with the order and getting everything out to us so promptly!


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        We had 550 credits. We used them up and our balance showed zero. A few hours later, our balance ids 550. Did our order go through