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Can't get rid of the LabView Hand Icon

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  • Can't get rid of the LabView Hand Icon

    What's the deal with Labview? I was trying to edit a VI, and then I somehow got it stuck in a mode in which I can't edit the VI anymore. All I can do is move around the screen with the little hand icon. The VI is now un-editable. The last time I had this problem I just re-started Labview and it was back to normal, but I can't keep doing it this way every time, it's a waste of time.

    Can any please help? Is this a matter of shutting down the connection with the CRio? What's up?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Can't get rid of the LabView Hand Icon

    I'm have no idea if this is your problem, but if you only have a hand icon for your mouse, it could be because auto-tool is turned off. Try going to View << Tools Palette and see if the green button at the top of the tools palette is bright green, if it's not, click it to turn auto-tool on.