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  • Jaguar vs Vector

    So, in our LabView project, we had a PVM channel hooked up to a jaguar, which was hooked up to a motor. It's speed was controlled by the y-axis of a joystick, and activated by pressing a button. This all worked fine, but for hardware issues, our team leader changed the jaguar to a victor. I have not changed anything except changing the PVM driver from a jaguar sensor to a victor sensor, but now it does not work.

    Any ideas?
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    Re: Jaguar vs Vector

    you have to tell labview which one you are useing


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      Re: Jaguar vs Vector

      First thing to check is to make sure they got the PWM plugged in correctly. The Victor light should turn solid and stay solid when the robot is enabled and not doing anything. It should blink quickly until full power then be solid again. If it has a slow blink while enabled then there is a pwm signal error to it.

      It sounds like you changed your (or where ever you open the victor) to be a constant input from jaguar to victor. So that is all you should need to do.

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