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Programming the Gimbal

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  • Programming the Gimbal

    We have no idea how to program the Camera Gimbal. Can someone provide a quick explanation or link to a tutorial somewhere? We know how to hook it up into the sidecar but we struggle with the programming side. All of our previous attempts to program it have failed. We want to be able to control it with 4 buttons on a joystick.
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    Re: Programming the Gimbal

    I am assuming this is the two servo mounted frame the camera attaches too that has shipped in the kit of parts in the past.

    I am assuming you have the servo controls attached to the PWM outputs in the digital side car. let's say pwm 1 (yaw) and pwm 2 (pitch).

    I do not know if there is a library routine to do this still in the base library, so I will go through the basics of doing it manually.

    In labview you will need to open a servo for each pwm. Servo1 and Servo2.

    no, for a quick test, take a joystick input and map its x axis to the input on SetServo1(not sure exact name, look on the servo palette) position, and map the y axis to the SetServo2 position routine.

    Now you should be able to move the camera mount around.

    From there it is more specific to your application and robot.

    Hopefully that helps get you started.

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