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green beans and strait jackets

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  • Mike Betts
    Re: green beans and strait jackets

    I very strongly suggest that you visit FRCMastery and look at some of the fantastic FRC oriented video tutorials that Ben Zimmer has put together. Mr. Zimmer is both a professional Labview educator and a FRC mentor.

    IMHO, you will find no better place to get your feet on the ground.

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  • onus
    started a topic green beans and strait jackets

    green beans and strait jackets

    yes. what i mean to say is, what am i doing with LabVIEW??

    i dont even know where to begin... i've gone through the LV getting started pdf and done the tutorials offered in there and im still confused as to how to impliment these vi's that ive created... if some one could point me in the right direction i would be eternally grateful!

    thnx much!