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LabView installs, but no FRC framework?

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  • mike_miller967
    Re: LabView installs, but no FRC framework?

    OK, I can now get to the LabView startup screen that says "FRC 2011." I don't know how many of the following steps were necessary, but this is what I did:

    1) Install just the FRC Tools from the DVD (earlier I had installed LV + tools)

    2) followed instructions at to download and install the first two updates. I don't need the driver station on my laptop, so I skipped the third download.

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  • mike_miller967
    started a topic LabView installs, but no FRC framework?

    LabView installs, but no FRC framework?

    We've installed the LabView DVD on our team computers and several laptops. It seems to work fine on the desktops running Win XP. It installs without errors on the laptops, but only brings up the LabView for FRC 2011 on the one Win 7 laptop we use for programming the robot. On the other Win XP laptops, we just see the LabView 8.6 "Getting Started" screen without the "FRC 2011" notice. When we installed from the DVD we made sure to select the LabView and FRC tools option.

    The NI License Manager on these laptops tell us it's LabView 8.6.1 First Robotics Competition, so I think that we should have everything we need on our laptop hard drive.

    Is there anything we can do to check to see that we have the FRC specific files? If we are missing those, how can we get them, since they didn't install from the DVD?