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  • FRC Training Videos Update

    The next two installments of The Seven Steps to FRC Robotics Success have now been posted by Enable Training and Consulting.

    Now you can find Steps 1 through 6 on, with only the final step remaining.

    See the dropdown menu at the top of the page to LabVIEW for FRC. There’s a link to all the 2011 videos there.

    In Step 5 we will:
    • Investigate Autonomous Mode
    • Enable Autonomous Mode

    In Step 6 we will:
    • Rotate the servo by 10 degrees each time a joystick button is pressed.
    • When the servo angle is greater than or equal to 180 degrees, the servo returns to 0 degrees.
    • Shift Register to store data
    • Wiring into a SubVI Accessing Data
    • Boolean Functions

    Remember that all the material from the 2010 season is still ready and available.

    Ben Zimmer

    -- LV Mastery Team
    Ben Zimmer
    email: [email protected]
    Phone/Fax: (905) 864-1858
    Toll Free: (877) 872-4619