I finally managed to build my EV3 omni/holonimic telerobot with anti collision-system.
If you drive to close to anything it stop and reverse a bit, if needed.
Sensitivity and reverse is adjustable.

I will equippe them with laser tag weapons and laser aim system and so on.


It can be remote controlled over the internet with live camera stream, so it is a internet camera robot, (that moves like a computer avatar in FPS computer game).

It can be controlled over the internet from a mobile phone, ipad or computer, from a browser.

I did this on ADSL already 2005 and had people playing with my robots from all over the world.

Here is one guy in Australia that explain how it was 2005.


You can build it your selfe.

You need a

1. Mindstorms robot

2. Building instructions. http://thetechnicgear.com/2014/04/ho...ot-using-lego/

3. An android phone with a Google app called RoboCam. https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...bocam&hl=en_US

4. 3 Omni wheels and 3 Large Servo Motor.

5. 4 Ultrasonic Sensors


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