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New tutorial videos for the 2011 season

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  • New tutorial videos for the 2011 season

    I am happy to announce a new round of videos for the FRC 2011 season.

    This year, Enable Training and Consulting Inc. has put together something we call The Seven Steps to FRC Robotics Success

    The first two videos are now up at with more to follow soon.

    See the dropdown menu at the top of the page to LabVIEW for FRC. There’s a link to the 2011 videos there.

    In Step 1 we will:
    • Start a new FRC LabVIEW robot project
    • Get familiar with FRC cRIO robot program structure
    • Deploy code to the cRIO
    • Explore the FRC Driver Station

    In Step 2 we will:
    • Add a joystick button to momentarily stop drive motors by modifying Teleop SubVI
    • Examine the LabVIEW Case Structure

    Plus, all of our material from the 2010 season is still available.

    Ben Zimmer
    -- LV Mastery Team
    Ben Zimmer
    email: [email protected]
    Phone/Fax: (905) 864-1858
    Toll Free: (877) 872-4619