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please help me!

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  • please help me!

    Team 3356 needs help with how to figure out the way to program a PS3 remote using labview!!! please please please help!

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    Welcome to the FIRST Forums!

    Unfortunately PS3 controllers were not designed to interface with a PC, so it may take a little effort to get it working. Your best bet is probably to search for something like "PS3 controller PC" to try to find software that will allow it to work like a normal PC USB device.

    Once you get it working with the PC, hopefully it will show up in the USB Devices tab of the FRC Driver Station:

    If the controller shows up in the USB Devices tab, you can then use that tab (as described in the link) to see what buttons and axes map to which numbers. Then you access it from your LabVIEW code just like any other joystick.
    FRC Robotics Engineer