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    Hey everyone, I'm a new coach, new to FRC, and I'm looking for some help. I'm trying to figure out how to communicate with/program the roboRio and get started. We missed the first 2 weeks of the build season due to snow and we're really behind. I'm new to programming and robotics in general and have no idea how to start and do a lot of catch-up before this robot needs to be shipped. What can I do to get at least something accomplished this season?

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    Welcome to the FIRST Forums! Following the step-by-step here should help you get started on the electrical/software side:

    You will need to decide if you are programming in C++, Java or LabVIEW. I generally recommend that the most important thing when choosing a language is mentor familiarity. If you have a mentor that has experience in one of these languages, that's probably the one to choose. If not, the second thing I would fall back to is student familiarity. If any of your students have taken AP CompSci they are likely familiar with Java. If the team has no programming experience at all, I generally recommend LabVIEW based on my experience using it in that type of situation but some others may advocate for Java.
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