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Adding a PWM/Jag causes a -63195 error

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  • Adding a PWM/Jag causes a -63195 error

    We have a robot with 8 motors and they all work. We added a 9th PWM and when we do we get an -63195 error. Digitial interface is in Slot 4 and we've tried both ports 9 and 10 on the digitial sidecar.

    Google searching didn't return anything of use. There was not a match here. A Chief Delphi search came up with a team that was having general comm problems, which is not our issue.

    Another team reported problems with power to the digital side car. The other motors on the DSC work, so I don't think it's a power issue.

    We did a reinstall of the firmware with no positive results.

    I'm looking for any good ideas on what to try next.



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    Re: Adding a PWM/Jag causes a -63195 error

    can you post a copy of your program and what the error says?
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