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Two new FRC Tip Jar Videos are online!

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  • Two new FRC Tip Jar Videos are online!

    Congratulations to James Corcoran, a mentor with team 2168! He entered our Tip Jar Mystery Mistake Contest and won the draw for a free 6-month subscription to, including all Beginner, Applications and Professional level courses.
    Thank you to all those who participated and submitted responses. We appreciate your interest in our resources and look forward to helping you bring your capabilities to light in the future.

    This week there are two new FRC Tip Jar Videos online at

    I’ll be adding new content and videos regularly throughout the competition, so I’m seeking video, code and idea contributions from participants, mentors and suppliers to make the site as comprehensive as possible. Please email me at [email protected] if you or your team is interested in collaborating to help all teams build better, more efficient robots.

    What you’ll find now at

    2010 Tip Jar #10 – Debugging
    • Minimizing debugging overhead by avoiding having several VIs open, and many probes
    • Where to put and how to create a customized debug SubVI
    • Mechanical action of Boolean controls
    • Minimize rebuild and redeployment time by using buttons to change internal parameters in addition to viewing them

    2010 Tip Jar #11 – One Project, Multiple Programmers
    • Communicate!
    • Split the tasks, don’t all work on the same portion of the code
    • Take advantage of separate SubVIs and TypeDefs
    • Make sure your files are where you think they are: files tab in project screen
    • How to split up the Robot TypeDef into separate sub-TypeDefs
    • How to replace and “resynchronize” your project after changes are made
    • Backup code by zipping the entire project directory

    You’ll also find:

    • 2010 Tip Jar #1 - An Introduction to LabVIEW
    • 2010 Tip Jar #2 - LabVIEW Primer I
    • 2010 Tip Jar #3 - LabVIEW Primer II
    • 2010 Tip Jar #4 - FRC Walkthrough
    • 2010 Tip Jar #5 - State Machines
    • 2010 Tip Jar #6 - Autonomous Mode
    • 2010 Tip Jar #7 - Walkthrough 2.0
    • 2010 Tip Jar #8 - Deploying Startup Mode
    • 2010 Tip Jar #9 - Scalability, Modularity and Style

    Ben Zimmer
    -- FRC Mastery Team
    Ben Zimmer
    email: [email protected]
    Phone/Fax: (905) 864-1858
    Toll Free: (877) 872-4619