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Is Position from Get Alliance VI reliable?

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  • Is Position from Get Alliance VI reliable?

    The Autonomous Independent vi default code comes with the Get Alliance vi, which has a Position output. The documentation says that 'Position' returns the assigned field position of the robot.

    Currently we have our autonomous code set up to use Get Alliance vi, and we can successfully run the correct code based on which Team Station we select on the driver station.

    Will we be able to manually select an option in the Team Station dropdown on the driver station before each match (during the autonomous disabled period), or will the Team Station value be set by the Field Management System? If it is set by the FMS, can we rely on the setting being correct?


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    Re: Is Position from Get Alliance VI reliable?

    When you connect to the field, some of the Operator settings on the DS, including the Position setting, will be hidden. They will be controlled and provided by the FMS.

    My understanding is that this value is actually related to the driver position, and not the position on field.

    If you want to indicate the field position, a pretty easy approach is to assign some DS digital lines. If you are using the Cypress FT board, you can then wire switches to indicate the field position. If you are not using the board, you can flip to the I/O tab and enter them with the mouse. To read them on the robot, use the Driver Station VIs to get digital -- use the compatibility mode versions.

    Greg McKaskle


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      Re: Is Position from Get Alliance VI reliable?

      our team just has a thumbwheel for it
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