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2010 FRC Labview for Mac

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  • 2010 FRC Labview for Mac

    Our team (Team 3019) recently opened our kit of parts and upon opening, we have discovered our Labview only comes for Windows Vista/2000/XP.

    A few people in our team have macs and I am here wondering (Hopefully this is the correct thread/forum) if I could get information on how to get the mac operating system of the FRC Labview.

    So far we have 2 discs:

    1 of 2: Windows Vista/XP/2000 Labview
    2 of 2: "" Labview

    Any help or information would be appreciated!

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    Re: 2010 FRC Labview for Mac

    The 2010 FRC edition of LabVIEW is Windows only.
    Doug Norman
    National Instruments


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      Re: 2010 FRC Labview for Mac

      I fought this a year ago.
      If you want to use your macs for developing FRC code, your best bet is to buy VMware or Parallels, and run Win XP in a Virtual Machine. While expensive, I do it, and it usually works quite nicely. (You could also use Bootcamp, rebooting to switch between mac and Windows)

      If you want to do plain LabVIEW development on macs, I'm sure teams in your area could make a copy of the LabVIEW 8.5 they got in the 2008 Kit Of Parts. If you go this method, you will have to backsave VIs made in LabVIEW 8.6 in order to read them with LabVIEW 8.5.

      If you would like help with either of these, feel free to contact me.
      email: [email protected]
      skype: marshalhorn


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        Re: 2010 FRC Labview for Mac

        This is helpful. Do you know if the Mindstorms Education software will run on Mac OS 10.6.3? The disk says that it supports 10.3.9, 10.4 and 10.5. Of course, my system runs 10.6.3. :-)

        I was able to successfully install the software, but I can't launch it -- there is no launch icon. Thanks!
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          Re: 2010 FRC Labview for Mac

          It works fine for me, and I have 10.6.3.
          What do you mean by "no launch icon"? Do you mean it doesn't automatically put the icon on the dock? In the applications folder, it should be under National Instruments > LabVIEW 2009 >
          If it isn't there, please try installing again.

          If you are referring to NXT-G, it should be an application in the Applications folder under "LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT".
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