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How do you limit the camera searches?

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  • How do you limit the camera searches?

    We have moved our camera high up on the robot.
    The camera always starts searching very high and slowly comes down.
    I found where you could change the servo X&Y limits but when I changed the X value to a lower number the camera just stopped searching.
    It's as if some code told the servo to move and the code is waiting for it to get there.
    Thank you.

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    Re: How do you limit the camera searches?

    You may want to change the Search Start to move somewhere other than 85, 85. Specifically if 85 is too hi a starting point, move it down, whichever direction that is. Also the spiral of the search is centered at 85, 85. You need to change that too. I don't remember of there is one constant of more. Finally, there probably isn't a need to spiral at all. You may just want to zig and zag left and right for the search. Test it out and see.

    Greg McKaskle