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  • Cannot duplicate file

    So we're having a problem duplicating our labview project and associated files. We've done this before but now we're having problems. We save the usual way....FIle...Save As...Duplicate (and all associated files). We make a new folder and save the files. The window pops up showing it saving all the files.

    When we open labview, the project location shows up under the Open section of the GEtting started window, but when we click on it the project it is not found. If you go to the folder where it was saved the folder is there...but it's empty.

    Help! We can't duplicate our files to backup our code from day to day.


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    Re: Cannot duplicate file

    You might want to retrace your steps and try file-save as-duplicate again and record the default directory that the duplicate is expected to be saved in. I'm guessing that your copy is probably in "my documents" somewhere.



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      Re: Cannot duplicate file

      We've used a zip file build specification to make backups very easy.
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