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Autonomous & Teleop modes

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  • Autonomous & Teleop modes

    Do Autonomous and Teleop Mode programs run at same time?
    I am developing our code using the "Advanced" Framework and find that when I have the Driver Station In Auto mode the switches attached to code in the "Periodic" vi operate and display just as if I was in Teleop mode.

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    Re: Autonomous & Teleop modes

    The code in the periodic tasks always runs. The code in either Telop or either of the autonomous VIs only runs when it's in that mode.

    Currently, driver station data is sent in all modes (including autonomous). However, before competition, there will be an update that removes that, so that data won't be sent in autonomous enabled (but will in the other 3 states). See

    We broke up our code so that data from the DS gets handled in the telop and disabled VIs, as those run when there is new data. There isn't any reason to handle it faster. We run our sensors and control loops and motor outputs in the periodic tasks VI. When we need to communicate between them, we use global variables. You can see our code here:
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