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  • PID Autotuning

    The LabVIEW Control Design and Simulation Module (which teams were given) has a PID Autotuning wizard. Unfortunately, it will not work when targeted to the cRIO (see

    One way to work around this is to run the Autotuning wizard on your computer, and have it communicate with the cRIO through the network. I implemented this method using UDP and autotuned our arm. See this video for it in action.

    The attached example requires an understanding of PID, and in fact needs a set of PID constants that produce stable control before autotuning can take place. PLEASE read the instructions on the front panels. If you don't understand PID control, this isn't the example to learn it from. NI has promised a PID tutorial ( and there is a lot of material already on the chiefdelphi forums for all levels.

    This example has both the part to run on your computer and on the cRIO. Unfortunately, I was not happy with the results for PI tuning, and PID was horrible. I expect that adding in the network latency affected the timing too much. Maybe somebody much better with LabVIEW then I am could add in some synchronization to make it work better.
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