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Bad DVD in early control system KOP

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  • Bad DVD in early control system KOP

    Our team recently spent a frustratingly long amount of time trying to get the cRIO updater to operate as expected after installing the FRCLabview1.0 update onto the downloaded version of 8.5.1 (and yes I know I'll get yelled at for not searching properly). There were a couple threads that said the update can only be applied to the DVD version included in the KOP and not the early release of 8.5.1. I know better now, but it is still confusing and I think should be referenced in the Update download page (see NI thread

    So onto my next conflict: DVD disc 1 we received in the KOP was completely blank; not damaged, but blank. I tried it on a few different PCs but with the same result. Disc 2 seems OK, but I cannot tell for sure. So now our plans for turkey day bot programming are shot. We are stuck until FIRST can send me a new DVD set.

    Basically, is it wrong to ask the FIRST community at large if a willing team that has received the early control system KOP if they could host the DVD software on an FTP site? I definitely don't want to make the wrong (or right for that matter) people mad. If there is a willing team out there who could help us out, we would be indebted.

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    Re: Bad DVD in early control system KOP

    FIRST is closed until Monday. I know you are anxious to get started, so please contact me at [email protected] - I'll see if we can help you out.

    - Rick