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Labview FIRST impressions

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  • Labview FIRST impressions

    As a die hard C/C++ programmer (20 years) I knew it was going to be hard to make the switch but was determined to give it a shot.

    Over the summer we did all the tutorials, fooled around with the nxt toolkit, even wrote some apps in LV.

    Basically got the hang of it.

    Now that I am taking the lead on the Labview testing, I'm really glad we took the time to do all of that. Labview looks simple on the surface and in principle, but you don't really appreciate the breadth and depth of this environment until you actually work with it.

    I have been using LV to teach the students now for a couple months and they really take to it.

    We used to spend ridiculous amount of time with syntax errors, and little stuff. Now the kids can focus on problem solving, Labview takes care of all of the nasty stuff.

    In addition, the new FRC Labview environment has a VERY rich library of routines (as does the C/C++ environment).

    Now instead of figuring out how to code encoders, the kids can simply use the encoders to solve/execute a mission.

    Kudos to Labview - I'm very impressed and definitely converted.

    Looking forward to the new season and all of the new possibilities.

    Rick Folea
    Beta Team 1848 - Atlanta (actual team: 1746)

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    Re: Labview FIRST impressions

    Here's another message I've posted elsewhere:

    "I don't have time right now to write up a big lecture, but will at least say that I'm for LabVIEW. The whole concept of graphical programming is nice to program with: you can easily see the flow of data, and like NI says, "program how you think", which I think is true in a way with LabVIEW. LV has also been praised for it's excelent debugging features, and I agree. Also, the whole idea of a front panel (which gives feedback from and provides a medium for interaction with the program) is a great idea. And hey, if you're loyal to C, you can use C with LabVIEW. I'm sure that there might be some instance where we would want to do that. For some mathmatical equation it might be simpler to program and look at. I don't know. LabVIEW can look complicating, even with labels and notes, when there's a lot of wires running around. (although, subVIs can help with that, but then again, then the subVI might be confusing)."

    "As for learning it, I don't think it's too hard, especially once you've gotten through the concept of it. And that's what pre-kickoff is for. There's a lot of learning material out there that can really help."

    Also, I would like to note that the Mindstorms NXT set is programmable with LV. If you, any of your FLL friends, or your team (because they bought it) has one, bonus practice oportunities for you!
    Not a 2012 beta tester, but interested in the process.