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Autonomous Mode Dashboard Variables (LabView)

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  • Autonomous Mode Dashboard Variables (LabView)

    Our team has discovered that all dashboard variables do not go into our autonomous code. We used the [Drivers Station outputs enabled] VI to determine that the outputs are officially disabled. Did FIRST do this on purpose because we used this to determine which state of autonomous we were going to use. We would talk to other teams on our alliance to figure what their autonomous would do and change dashboard variables to switch which path/actions we would do.

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    Re: Autonomous Mode Dashboard Variables (LabView)

    There is no VI that does what you seem to be describing. The Outputs Enabled VI in the Driver Station palette is described in the Context Help: "Indicates whether output signals are enabled. Outputs will be disabled due to loss of communications, overvoltage or brownout conditions on the input power to the roboRIO." "Output signals" in this case include things like PWM motor controllers, relay outputs, PCM outputs and CAN motor controllers. It is not related to dashboards.

    There was an issue on Thursday at some events where all TCP traffic (including SmartDashboard) was blocked, but this was resolved before any events began playing qualification matches.

    We have heard some reports of issues occurring with the Dashboard if the robot is started up before the DS is linked to the field. We are currently working on trying to reproduce this issue to see if that is the real source of the problem and understand the root cause in the software.
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