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  • FRC2015 Custom Dashboard Inputs


    I have been trying to customize the FRC2015 dashboard in order to fulfill the needs of our team. I found the guides on how to add indicators to the custom dashboard and how to compile it into an executable and I found them very helpful. However, I cannot seem to find any references on how to add custom inputs to the dashboard. I have found several references that give instructions for adding custom inputs of previous versions of the software but none that are valid for this year's software.

    For reference, I wanted to add a case statement in Teleop in RobotMain with a drop down menu in the dashboard of student's names to allow students to create their own joystick profiles (which would make handing the controls off to another student simpler and give them the freedom to create their own control maps). I have other things I would also like to do, like select which autonomous routine to execute before the match starts, but I think with a basic understanding of how to add inputs to the dashboard I can move forward and figure out the rest myself.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Re: FRC2015 Custom Dashboard Inputs

    It sounds like you are looking for an Enum control. I would start off by adding an Enum control from the Ring & Enum palette to the Dashboard. Right click on it, then select Properties->Edit Items->Insert to add values to the Enum. Then use the SD Write Value VI to write the value to the Network Table. I would also recommend right clicking on the control and selecting "Make TypeDef". By turning the control into a Type Def, then using this same Type Def in the robot project, you will ensure they stay in sync.

    In the robot program, use an SD Read Value VI set to Read Number to read the value, copy the Type Def to the robot program and use a Typecast to change the number back to an enum. This will allow your case statement to use the names instead of just 0,1,2,etc.
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      Re: FRC2015 Custom Dashboard Inputs

      Thank you for the reply Kevin. From your explanation it seems like I had the method correct except for creating a Type Def and copying it to both projects. I currently don't have a RoboRIO at the moment to experiment with it so I'd like to clarify what to do with the Type Def. Once this Type Def is created in the Dashboard Project where in the Robot Project does it need to go it order for it to be recognized and used by the code?
      Team #1287