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  • Encoder issues

    Hello. We are team 3417 and we have been doing FRC for 4 years now. But this is the first year we have used an encoder and we cannot get it to work. It is a 4x counting mode E4P from AndyMark and we have used wiring from the following website:
    And the code from the following website:
    But it does not show a difference in the value of the encoder distance when we run the program.
    Please help and give suggestions!

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    Re: Encoder issues

    Hi, welcome to the FIRST Forums. I would start by making sure that the device is functioning as you expect electrically. The best way to do this would be to to place an oscilloscope across either the A or B channel and verify that it is transitioning from 5V to 0V and back as the encoder is rotated by hand. You may be able to see the transitions with a multimeter as well.

    Next up would be to use the Digital Input example in LabVIEW and select either the A or B channel, then verify that you are seeing it transition from True to False, then repeat with the other channel. Once you've verified that the encoder is working electrically, then move on to the software.
    FRC Robotics Engineer