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Problems with Loading Code to cRIO

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  • Problems with Loading Code to cRIO

    Bob Redinger 1643:

    I am attempting to load code to the cRIO on my robot, but I am repeatedly getting a message that the cRIO has been disconnected when I attempt to Run, Deploy, or Run as Startup. I believe my problem may have to do with the first time I ran code on the robot. I have already run the base code on the robot as a Boot Deployment. However, I accidentally deleted the actual boot deployment in LabView. Now, whenever I start the robot, the Driver Stater shows initial code on the robot. However, I cannot seem to get rid of it. And whenever I try to run new code that I have made additions to, I get the message that there are no communications with the cRIO. What can I do to resolve this problem?

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    Re: Problems with Loading Code to cRIO

    Is the Dashboard open by any chance? There was an issue with the initial LabVIEW release from Kickoff, fixed in Update 5.1, where you could not download new code while the dashboard was open after running code as startup.

    Also make sure that the IP next to the RT CompactRIO Target in the project explorer is correct.

    It is also unclear how you restored the Boot-Up Deployment entry. You may want to try creating a new project and downloading the default code if you recreated the entry yourself to see if that is the issue.
    FRC Robotics Engineer