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    Re: Help in LabView 2012

    There's not enough information there to completely diagnose what is going on. I can however give you some tools and techniques that may help you figure things out.

    When running the LabVIEW code from a computer (using the white run arrow on robot main) you can use probes to monitor values in the code. Open the code you wish to monitor, right click on the wire you wish to view the value of and select "Probe" from the menu. When you run the program this will show you the current value passing across that wire.

    The other major tool that should help is he diagnostic lights on the speed controller. Depending on the type of speed controller you are using the lights have slightly different meanings. The user guides for the Victor, Jaguar, and Talon explain what the various light colors and patterns mean. For Jaguars, you may also find the Faults section of the Jaguar FAQ helpful.
    FRC Robotics Engineer