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Questions on working after bag and tag

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  • Questions on working after bag and tag

    I have checked and rechecked my programing, and even had a walkthrough with a Ni programer, on my programing, that is all fine, but when i plugged in my my fisherprice motor up to the victor i would not stop running, we set all the constants to zero, so that the motor will stop, that did not work. The programmer guy said for me to reimage/rest my victor motor, i cannot find any steps on the net, can sone one please help me with this? or send any links.

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    Re: Questions on working after bag and tag

    The first thing I would check is to try unplugging the PWM cable for the Victor. Then power on the robot. If the mechanism still moves, the Victor is either wired backward (supply to the motor side and motor to the supply side) or broken. If it is wired backward it is likely that it has been damaged and should still be replaced.

    If the mechanism does not run with the PWM unplugged the issue is likely in either the code or the Victor calibration. Victor calibration is likely what was meant by "reimage/rest my victor". To reset the calibration to the factory setting, follow the procedure outlined in the section "Resetting Calibration to Factory Pre-calibration" of the Victor 884 User's Guide.

    Also check and make sure that you have opened the motor in Begin.VI as a Victor, not as a Jaguar.
    FRC Robotics Engineer