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  • Imaging Tool question

    What is the significance of the check box under the LabView selection in the Imagining tool that says " ... Always run deployed code at Startup. ... "

    What happens when checked?
    What happens when not checked?

    I read the Getting Started with the 2012 FRC Control System doc page 17 section 4 and it did not make any sense to me.

    Does this box effect the relationship between "Stand-Alone" and deploying from the run button wherein it must be checked to deploy the Stand Alone code and should not be checked during development? In years pass we had to set the DIP switch to NO Apps to get reliable deployment from hitting the Run button on the development computer station. Is this check box equivalent to the no apps switch?

    TNX ... jon

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    Re: Imaging Tool question

    Hi Jon,

    With the box checked, when the cRIO starts up with a deployed application on it, set by using either "Deploy" or "Run as Startup" from the right click menu of the the Build Specification, that application will be launched and run on the cRIO even if you have selected the "Unset as startup" option from the menu. The NO APP switch will still override this behavior and prevent the user application from launching.

    With the box unchecked it is possible, using the "Unset as Startup" option or by using the Deploy option when the cRIO is not set to run an app at startup to have your cRIO run no user code when when it boots up regardless of the state of the No App switch.

    The recommendation is to leave the box checked because we could not think of a common use case where you would intend to deploy an app to your cRIO but not have it run, this is typically done by accident and the box being checked will prevent will prevent that scenario from occurring.
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      Re: Imaging Tool question


      TNX for the prompt reply.
      I appreciate the help.
      ... jon