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Problems with frc packages using a 2019 project

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  • Problems with frc packages using a 2019 project

    The frc packages used last year for some reason are not working for the 2020 version of vs code.
    Also for some reason the project files that my team used last year are for some reason not compatible with the new vs code

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    Each year if you want to use code from the previous year, you must "upgrade" each project. The WPILib VS Code plugin should take care of this. Make sure you have installed the latest version of WPILib by following the instructions located here: Once your install is up to date, open last year's project. VS Code will prompt you to update the project to the latest version. Once this step completes you will have 2 project folders: one for last year and one for this year. Opening the project folder that has been upgraded should allow you to write code for 2020. Let me know how this goes.