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Incorporating jar files in VSCode (not being official extensions)

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  • Incorporating jar files in VSCode (not being official extensions)

    I want to add usage of (well, a jar file for it) to our VSCode environment so our students can drive our debug code with an xbox controller, without needing DriveStation or our code being on RoboRio, but I jsut cannot find how to stick an arbitrary jar file into the classpath... any ideas?

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    External JAR dependencies not managed by our Vendor library system are handled by manually editing the Build.gradle file of your project.

    For libraries not available through Maven like the one listed, you would add something like this to the dependencies section (this example shows 2 libraries):
    externalLibs files('libs/commons-lang.jar', 'libs/log4j.jar')

    In this example, the library files are placed in a subdirectory of the project called "libs".
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      So thanks Kevin for the reply - we got J360Controller to enable building, but when running the runtime fails to find the dll included in the resources subdir of the jar. (it's obvious the runtime found the jar)


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        Hi seanrekrap. I wrote J360Controller. If you are still trying to get it to work, maybe I can help.