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use networkTable for communication between on-board computers

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  • use networkTable for communication between on-board computers

    Hello - I'm a mentor to a First Robotics team.

    "Network Tables" refers to a software-distributed dictionary module implemented by the WPI libraries for First Robotics communication, with a hierarchical key-value pair style syntax. [1]

    My question is can an IP network be set up with the roboRio to address another (e.g. Ubuntu) on-board computer, and can this Ubuntu computer use NetworkTables to communicate with the other (roboRio) and station nodes? So it's about both setting up an on-board ethernet, and having NetworkTable code on the Ubuntu computer. If its possible to write IP network code among the devices, but "stand-alone" networkTable code isn't available, then just setting up the network and addresses among the devices is a possibility.

    Our application needs to pass lists of coordinates from the on-board computer to the roboRio and Station nodes.

    Thanks -johnmark


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    Yes, teams can use the additional port on the robot radio or a network switch to connect additional IP devices. Yes, there are published builds of ntcore (the Network Tables library) for x86 and x86-64 on the 3 major OSs and you can also build the code yourself for any additional platforms.

    You can find published builds on the WPILib maven server: (4.0.0 is the latest).

    You can also find examples of pulling these libraries into a gradle build in the VisionBuildSamples repo: (though this build has other pieces you may not need). There's an example using cmake from one of the WPILib developers here: (again, with Vision components you may or may not want).
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