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Where can we find the best omni wheels?

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  • Where can we find the best omni wheels?

    Hi everybody, we need some advice on our omni wheels.
    Currently, our chassis is comprised of four wheels that are placed parallel to each other on each of the four corners. They're essentially perpendicular to the corners themselves. This design allows us to move in all directions (front, back, left, right, and diagonal), because we are using omni wheels. But our omni wheels are old and worn down so we're experiencing some slippage. We were wondering if anyone has advice on the best omni wheel brands we can replace our omni wheels with (currently we're using Tetrix). Thanks!

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    Welcome to the FIRST Forums! Given that you are currently using Tetrix wheels, it sounds like you may be talking about FTC, not FRC, is that correct? If so, you may get some more educated opinions over at the FTC forum:
    FRC Robotics Engineer