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Chain Connector (maybe)

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  • Chain Connector (maybe)

    My team plans on using a chain drive for our arms this year but we are missing a part that we can't seem to find the name of. We are trying to connect a sliding mechanism to the chain with a hard/ rigid connection without breaking the loop, I think it would look something like a U-bolt but with some special design that would keep it from moving. If anyone knows what this is called that would be great. Thanks!!!

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    Welcome to the FIRST Forums! I believe teams in the past have accomplished what you are asking by placing one or more bolts through the gaps in the chain to fasten it to a mechanism. There are also parts called "attachment links" that may be more like what you had in mind? Here are some examples (if you're planning on connecting these links to a "normal" chain, make sure that you either have the right tools to break and re-assemble the chain or it is a "master" style link with a spring clip):
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