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Bumper Rule 26 Clarification help

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  • Bumper Rule 26 Clarification help

    Hi all,
    I need some clarification on bumper rule 26. It sounds like at least 1/2" of each end of the bumper plywood must be in direct contact with the frame perimeter to be legal, and any gap between the plywood and perimeter everywhere else cannot exceed 1/4". If I decide to leave a 1/2" gap (except for corner requirement) to clear bolt heads, axle ends, bearings, etc, then I need to contact the frame every 8". Alternately, if the gap is 1/4" then I don't need to contact the frame except for the corners. Am I understanding this correctly? Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Re: Bumper Rule 26 Clarification help

    Welcome to the FIRST Forums! Please note that while forum members may weigh in with unofficial answers to your question, the Official FIRST Q&A is the only official source for answers to game rule questions.
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      Re: Bumper Rule 26 Clarification help

      Sounds correct to me.

      There is also R21-A:
      Small clearance pockets and/or access holes in the plywood backing are permitted, as long as they do not significantly affect the structural integrity of the BUMPER.
      Note: I wouldn't have any protrusion project past the thickness of the plywood itself (3/4 in). That would create a contact hazard, and probably not considered a "small" clearance pocket.

      Finally, if you do go the 1/2" every 8" rule, then be aware that the board may transfer the shock to whatever is under it. If your axle is under the wood, a strong collision will play havoc with your axle.
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