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  • Autonomous

    First of all, do we put the uber-tube into our carrying device by ourselves on the game field? If so do we have to be in starting position when we load the uber-tube? Can we power on the robot to help us load the uber-tube into our claw or do we have to load it entirely without power to the robot.

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    Re: Autonomous

    The requirement is that the UBERTUBE be touching the ROBOT. That can be done in any legal configuration - in a grasping device, leaning against the ROBOT, or simply lying on the floor touching the BUMPER.

    The ROBOT must be in the STARTING CONFIGURATION when placed in the starting position. If that means you cannot hold a UBERTUBE in your grasp, you will have to attempt to pick it up after the MATCH starts.

    You most likely will not be allowed to power up the ROBOT to enable your grasping mechanism to work. Think of another way around it.