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Crazy Idea - Can we carry robots with us on the bar?

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  • Crazy Idea - Can we carry robots with us on the bar?

    So last year in 2019 Deep Space many teams were able to pick up their alliances robots. Is it allowed to once more carry our teammates on the shield generator bar?

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    I cannot comment about specific game strategies but I would ask you if there is a rule that limits this strategy? I would take a careful look at game manual (particularly G13) and make a decision.


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      Also, Welcome to the FIRST Forums! While users of the forum (like me) may post unofficial answers to these questions, if you would like an official answer you must use the Official Game Q&A after it opens on Wednesday.


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        I have not seen a rule that limits this strategy however I wanted a confirmation that it was okay to do. Thank you for your advice and I will look at G13, also thank you for giving me a heads up on where to ask.