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Texrix Motor 739083 and 739023

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  • Texrix Motor 739083 and 739023

    Greetings Teams and FIRST Folks:

    We have received a kit of parts from AndyMark FIRST Choice, the FTC mini kit, and enclosed is two motors labeled on a bag #739083, but has enclosed motor part number #739023. I am assuming that #739083 is #739023 since I also ordered part number #739083 from Texrix (Pitsco LEGO Education) to get these motors #739023.

    Please advise. I am thinking that I have the correct motor... but IDK if judges are going to reference parts used but the part number label on the motor.

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    Re: Texrix Motor 739083 and 739023

    We also have the same issue. One of our students discovered that the motor that we were given, #739023, runs at a slightly different rpm. If we do need to send these back for an exchange, we'd like to do so as soon as possible. The team members are eager to start building their minibot.

    Brighid Wood
    mentor Team 1729


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      Re: Texrix Motor 739083 and 739023

      TETRIX's and LEGO Education's answer is that this is the only motor that they have had 739023 for the current kit... they have no clue on 739083. I'm thinking they ran out of the 739083 and sent us older motors thinking we would not catch on to the motor difference. I'll call them today or Tuesday.

      CFox - 2537