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Pneumatics to propel a minibot?

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  • Pneumatics to propel a minibot?

    We don't have a participating FTC team near us, but we do have a 3D printer that prints in minibot-compliant Polycarbonate. (ABS Thermoplastic to be exact.)

    The students have the idea to use available compliant materials and the 3D printer to make a minibot with a mechanism to clamp onto the pole and the minibot lock around the pole and use a burst of air to propel it to the top, then immediately fall back to the 'bot.

    I haven't seen anything restricting this from the rules...

    Will the method of propulsion pass inspection?

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    Re: Pneumatics to propel a minibot?

    NO. See Team Update #1.
    4th year high school
    Team 663, Robonauts
    Originally posted by chris greene
    wait soo is Bryce663 the rule master?
    I am now! Fear my power! >:3