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Question on "climbing"

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  • Question on "climbing"

    What counts as a climb? In the Rules, it doesn't specify what exactly a "robot fully supported by the SCALE" means.
    Does it count as a "climb" if you have a mechanism that lifts (like a jack) the robot off the ground and over the bricks at the bottom of the tower? Or do you have to use the bar attached to the tower to climb?

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    Hi Vealatte,

    For further clarification of game specific objectives I recommend you submit a questions to the Q&A which opens on January 10, 2018, noon Eastern. That being said, I recommend you take a look at some these sections of the Game & Season Manual. All of these quotes are quoted at time of writing and may change with team updates in the future.

    The Glossary (section 11, page 129) defines climbing as
    A ROBOT fully supported by the SCALE (either directly or transitively) with BUMPERS fully above the BRICKS at T=0, and not at all in the opponents PLATFORM ZONE
    R24 (page 77) has information about the BUMPER ZONE. Take a look at example 2 in the blue box:
    Example 2: A ROBOT deploys a MECHANISM which lifts the BUMPERS outside the BUMPER ZONE (when virtually transposed onto a flat floor). This violates R24.
    Let me know if these 2 pieces of information help!

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