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Definition of "Normal Configuration"

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  • Definition of "Normal Configuration"

    We would like a clarification to ensure that we are properly interpreting a series of rules in regards to “Normal Configuration” in Breakaway:
    Section 8.2 Definition of “Normal Configuration” is defined as “a static condition which cannot change during a match”.
    Section Rule <G30> defines exceptions to this static normal configuration including:
    Section Rule <G45> defines that mechanisms can move/reset while not in contact with the ball as these mechanisms are not “active”.
    A question was submitted whether a robot can expand and contract within the max normal configuration dimensions in order to pass through a tunnel, which was answered, “No”.
    Can you please clarify if “normal configuration” refers to a volumetric constraint on the robot, or, the exact orientation of all robot components during the teleop. mode (not including the finale configuration).