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  • bumper coverage

    Does our robot have to be covered 100% by the bumpers?
    Can we have we have an opening not covered by them?

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    Re: bumper coverage

    Of course, you should read the rules, multiple times if necessary. However, it seems to me that the entire periphery of the robots this year must be covered with the bumpers at a height between 10 and 16 inches above the playing surface. No projections are allowed through the bumper either.
    Bill Bourn
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      Re: bumper coverage

      As a past robot inspector bumpers have always been a challenge understand and explain. Of course to get an official answer you need to post a question on the Official Q&A submission forum.

      I think this quote from page 9 of section 8 says pretty clearly that 100% coverage is required.

      "BUMPERS must provide complete protection of the entire FRAME
      PERIMETER of the ROBOT (i.e. BUMPERS must wrap entirely around
      the ROBOT)."

      Please also keep in mind the spirit of the rules is to prevent damage to the Arena, soccer balls and other robots.

      I hope that helps.

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      Keith Horn
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