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  • Winning Strategy???

    The current wording of 9.3.4 to 9.3.7 indicates that the Team seeding scores for a match are evaluated as follows:

    "Winning" Alliance Seed Score = (Winning Match Points - Penalties) + 2 x (Losing Match Points)

    "Losing" Alliance Seed Points = (Winning Match Points)

    This scoring would seem to reward the slacker alliance that places two of its robots to block its own goals allowing zero points and assuring a "loss" or zero point tie, while having the third robot do nothing or scoring in the opponents goal to increase their match points. This scenario provides the "Losing" Alliance with as many or more points than the "Winning" Alliance. Is this the kind of strategy what is really intended or desired? Or, am I missing something in the description that would avoid this strategy?

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    Re: Winning Strategy???

    I think that you can only have one robot defending at a time.


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      Re: Winning Strategy???

      It is only during the seeding rounds that this algorithm is used. If you go back and watch "A Beautiful Mind" IE; gaming theory, you will be hard pressed to consistently find two random alliance members that will think this is the best strategy to get a date with a champion. So, while it is a strategy, I don't think we will see it being used.


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        Re: Winning Strategy???

        You will find it very difficult to gain altitude in the seeding standings after even one such 0-0 tie. A 5-4 victory yields 13-5 seeding points (without penalties). Play even one 0-0 tie and you'll be at the bottom looking up the seeding tree wondering what went wrong?

        The far more interesting thing about this year's qualification rounds is the seeding scores that result from close score victories. A 20-2 victory gives 24-20 seeding result. if the score were 20-10, seeding result would be 40-20. This then gets very interesting at 20-19 yielding 58-20. if a 20-20 tie is played, all six teams get 60 seeding points. In the absence of an inter-alliance agreement to play for a high-scoring tie, your alliance clearly benefits from points scored by the opposition alliance.

        Interresting? sure. Usual? just wait for the "pure" victory motive in the elimination rounds.
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