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    I did a search on all prior threads to mention servos, and I can see that in 2006 and 2007 that it was not legal to modify a servo to go 360 degrees. There is no clear mention of this in the 2010 rules. <R54> says that we can not do anything to increase the power, or unsafely decrease the weight. But <R52>B says "An unlimited number of COTS servos with a maximum torque of 55 oz-in and maximum rotation speed of 100rpm at 6Vdc". Since there are now COTS servos that turn 360 (turn continuously in either direction) like the SparkFun ROB-09347

    [url=""][Sparkfun ROB-09347/URL]

    Does that mean that we can also modify other, less expensive servos to to allow continuous rotation too? This would not violate the spirit of <R54> as this change has no effect on the torque or speed of the servo.

    A second question. We are trying for advanced steering control, and if we can't use 360 rotation servos, then need more motors. Rule <54> specifies the exact maximum number of CIM motors, but does not list a specific maximum number of the other KOP motors. Are we limited to only:
    (2) Denso window motor left
    (2) Denso window motor right
    (2) FisherProce 9015 motor
    (1) Mabuchi 2670 motor
    (1) Mabuchi 3754


    That does not leave us with 4 of ANY kind of motor, other than CIM motors which are needed to drive the wheels, and servo motors which are the only category that can clearly be added without limit.
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    Re: 360 servos

    The standard disclaimer applies that you should seek an official answer from the Official Q&A forum.

    For the second question;
    Not to be flip but it requires some reading and perhaps re-reading of the rules. See R52 in section 8, paragraphs A and then E. Then read R49 that requires one victor, spike or Jag per motor. Then R46 para A that requires one circuit breaker per speed controller. Lastly please keep in mind the spirit of the rules are for safety and to level the playing field.

    I could be wrong but I think each robot is limited to 5 CIMs plus the 2010 KOP on the robot.
    I hope this helps.

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