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Possesion vs Carrying

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  • Possesion vs Carrying

    I'm asking for clarification on what counts as carrying. Definitions in Section 7 - The Game say this:
    POSSESSION: Controlling the position and movement of a BALL. A BALL shall be considered in POSSESSION if, as the ROBOT moves or changes orientation (e.g. backs up or spins in place), the BALL remains in approximately the same position relative to the ROBOT.
    CARRYING: POSSESSING a BALL that is not in contact with the FIELD.
    Our interpretation of these definitions is that if the ball was "kicked" into the air, the movement of the ball would be counted as CARRYING because it would still be moving with part of the robot and therefore in POSSESSION, but not not in contact with the field at the moment it comes off the floor.
    However, in the game animation several robots kick the ball over the bumps towards their goals, which would be a violation of the rules according to our interpretation.

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    Re: Possesion vs Carrying

    Please submit this question to the official Q&A submission forum. Questions submitted through that process, by the appointed team representative, will receive official answers.