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Questions regarding spybox limitations and bumper rules.

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  • Gary Voshol
    Re: Questions regarding spybox limitations and bumper rules.

    The spy human player must remain in the spy box the entire match. The spy cannot use electronics to communicate, but can use non-powered signal devices.

    BUMPERS must remain in the BUMPER ZONE of the ROBOT at all times. (Rule G19-1). The BUMPER ZONE moves with the ROBOT. So for example, as the ROBOT goes over one of the DEFENSES and tilts, it's OK that a BUMPER is more than 12" off the floor, because the BUMPERS didn't change location with respect to the rest of the ROBOT.

    BUMPERS must be constructed to all the requirements in section 4.7 of the rules. Those rules do not allow for partial pieces of bumpers. The BUMPER sections must be backed by a 5 inch wide board, must include two full pool noodles, must be completely covered by the fabric, etc. You can't bevel parts or trim off corners to make your ROBOT move maneuverable or to scoop up BOULDERS more efficiently. You have to work within the requirements as given.

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  • Questions regarding spybox limitations and bumper rules.

    Our first question is what are the limitations inside and between spybox and the alliance zone. Our question pertaining to bumbers is if we are allowed to raise the bumbers? and if we are allowed to change/cut the materials for bumpers?