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Ramps & tipping.

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  • Ramps & tipping.

    Some of my team members are wondering if we would be responsible for the tipping of an enemy robo if the robo just happens to climb up a specialy designed ramp (that counts as our 1 protrusion) and tips over. In other words could we design an anti pushing ramp that derails any attempts to tip us. Would it be our fault if we stood still and they tipped? if we rammed them and they tipped? etc.

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    Re: Ramps & tipping.

    Start thinking again:
    Strategies aimed at the destruction, attachment, damage, tipping or entanglement of Robots are not in the spirit of the FRC and are not allowed.
    Violation: Technical-Foul plus Yellow Card
    For example, use of wedge-like mechanisms to flip Robots would be considered a violation.