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Would a confetti cannon be allowed?

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  • Would a confetti cannon be allowed?

    Would any team be allowed to attach a confetti cannon to their vehicle in order to spray confetti if they are victorious? Would this violate any rules? If it doesn't violate a rule then how long until the rules are changed? Would appreciate oppinions as getting an idea shot down quickly is better than trying it then realizing that you cannot do it.

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    Re: Would a confetti cannon be allowed?

    No, [R08] says noting that "Shields, curtains, or any other devices or materials designed or used to obstruct or limit the vision of any drivers and/or coaches and/or interfere with their ability to safely control their Robot" are not allowed. Also

    "Robots may not intentionally detach parts or leave mechanisms on the Court.
    Violation: Foul"
    It would also not be GP because it would be showing off.


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      Re: Would a confetti cannon be allowed?

      Additionally, it would effect the surface characteristics of the next game unless it could all be easily removed in a timely fashion (NOT!). Bet on this not being allowed for practical reasons.