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Balancing on Bridges

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  • Balancing on Bridges

    The only sort of definition as to what makes a robot "on" a Bridge is in the Game pdf, in [G41]:
    If the
    Coopertition Bridge is not balanced, but a Robot from each Alliance is fully supported by the
    Coopertition Bridge, each Alliance will earn 1 Coopertition Point.
    In the Arena pdf, in section 2.2.5 (Bridges), it says "A Bridge will count as Balanced if it is within 5° of horizontal," but says nothing about what constitutes being "on" a Bridge. Would, for example, using a prop off the side of the robot to push the ground and adjust the slant of the bridge be allowed? Under the current rules and nebulous definition of "support," it seems so, but I don't know if this would be legal.

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    Re: Balancing on Bridges

    Section 3.1 Gameplay Rules
    Strategies that use Basketballs to either aid or inhibit balancing of any Bridge are not allowed.
    Violation: Technical-Foul, and counting or discounting the affected Bridge as balanced, as appropriate.

    Robots may not contact or otherwise interfere with the opposing Alliance Bridge.
    Violation: Technical-Foul. If the act of Balancing is interfered with, also a Red Card and the Bridge will be counted as Balanced.


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      Re: Balancing on Bridges

      That's referring to the opposing Alliance Bridge, though. As applied to a team's own Bridge or Robot, I can't find anything in the rules to dispute that.


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        Re: Balancing on Bridges

        I believe the language "fully supported" would imply that the robot is only touching the bridge deck. Touching the bridge and the ground would only be "partially supported" by the bridge, and thus worth nothing.

        As always, this is not the official answer forum, you should consider the language carefully to pose a non-hypothetical question to the Q&A folks.


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          Re: Balancing on Bridges

          In the update they said that the robot needed to be commpleatly supported by the bridge.