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NXT to NXT communication?

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  • NXT to NXT communication?

    I don't have an official rules sheet (people keep referring to it (e.g.: Because of Rule #13...)) if someone could find me one, great) and I was wondering if NXT to NXT communication is allowed. This would be helpful for building a remote.

    Also, using NXT -> NXT communication in a much, MUCH more devious way, we could cause the other team's robot to spiral out of control, or something like that. MWAHAHA... is that illegal?

    Please help!
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    Re: NXT to NXT communication?

    I take it that you are competing in FLL. You posted this in the FRC area of the forums. That is the next level up of the competition. You should post FLL questions in the FLL area (this will also help people answer your question more accurately).

    But to answer your question, the FLL game rules are here:

    No, you can not use NXT to NXT communication to build a remote for FLL.

    You can not interfere with another team's robot in FLL. It is forbidden in the rules. Even if it weren't, it would contradict the principal of gracious professionalism and would reflect very poorly on your team.


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      Re: NXT to NXT communication?

      Yeah wrong forum for this thread, but yeah, no wireless communication at all is allowed. You are not even allowed to use bluetooth program downloading.
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